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Our team consists of  Professional Face Painters and Make Up artist who follow strict codes of Practice with regards to hygiene. All artists are members of F.A.C.E ,

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The Face Painting Association. Each artist is covered by full Public Liability  insurance and is CRB Checked.

How Do I Make A Booking?

You can contact us a number of ways...

By telephone
If you get our answer phone service please don't be shy and leave us a message, one of us will get back to as soon as we can!

Call us: Mel on 01392 461881 or 07886242639

Josephine on 01803 854066 or 07767 674811

Email us:

Or you can send us a message on our:  Contact Form

What Do You Charge?
Please contact us for a quote. We have several packages available and prices vary depending on how long your event is and how many artists you may need

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, all artists carry their own PLI

Are Your Painters All Experienced?
Every face painter/body artist who works with The Face Painting Company and The Body Painting Company have had at least 3 years' experience and can paint many designs quickly and efficiently. We do not train people up for a couple of weeks and send them on a job, we expect a very high standard from our artists.

What Sort of Events Do You Attend?
We attend all sorts of events from small birthday parties needing one painter to big corporate affairs needing a team. Contact us and we will advise you as best as we can to how we can give your event a little more sparkle!

Are You Able Yo Provide A Team Of Painters For Big Events?
Yes. We work with a great team of professional painters and can cater for large events.

Can You Work To A Theme?
Yes. We can use existing designs or come up with something especially for your event.

Do You Need A CRB or Now Known As DBS Check?
As a face painter the answer is no. Because we are not employed to look after children we are at events to provide a service. This is a very misunderstood area, at the moment we do hold the old CRB certificate and we are more than happy for companies to do a check through the new DBS.

What Are Your Health and Safety Standards?
For more information Click Here

How Far Do You Travel?
We are happy to travel all around the UK and internationally.

How Do I Remove Face Paint?
Remove paint with mild vegetable soap, warm water and flannel. With strongly recommend that you do not use baby wipes to remove the paint, especially the really cheap brands as these can cause irritation to the face.

What Do I Do If I Think My Child is Having A Reaction To The Paint?
As with all cosmetics there is a very rare chance that a reaction might occur. If you think you or your child is having a reaction then remove the paint immediately with a mild soap and water. If the reaction is severe then seek medical advise.

Children under 3?
Our company policy is to paint children over the age of 3 years. Some of the products state not to be used on under threes, so we tend to stick to these guidelines on the face. However, our artists will use there discretion and offer something on the arm is the child would like that as an alternative .

Medical Conditions?
For sanitary reasons , we cannot paint anyone who is or appears to be, sick ( runny nose, cough etc.) or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, rashes, infectious skin conditions or open wounds. we will use our discretion and may suggest an arm or cheek painting.

Medical Conditions?


Face painting at a childs birthday party is a fun way for children to live out their imagination, being transformed from princesses to ferocious tigers or monsters to butterflies.


Body painting is becoming a more accepted alternative art form to advertise products.  The designs are always intriguing and eye catching, this in turn captures the publics imagination.


Take a look at our gallery. Here you can choose to view our face painting or why not take a look at our body painting. If you have any questions then please do drop us a line.


There are several ways to contact us. Please remember we might be at an event but will contact you as soon as we can. Try us on the phone first or if you prefer send us a quick email or text.

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Contact us

Head Office

Westclyst Farm Cottage, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3TR

Telephone: 01392 461881

Mobile: 07767 674811


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Everyone loved your face-painting and it 

was an absolute success, I have heard nothing but raving reviews not only about your fantastic painting but how friendly 

you were as well. 

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